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SJSZ-65 high speed four-strands PVC pipe production line
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SJSZ-65 high speed four-strands PVC pipe production line Motor power and technical performance 。
1. main motor power: 30 kw

2. feeder motor power:0.75kw

3. vacuum pump motor power:2.2kw

4. barrel heater power: 24kw

5. mould heating power:30kw

6. haul-off motor power: 0.4kw×4

7. cutter motor power:0.25kw×4

8. Output: 5-8 tons/day

9. electricity consumption: 110kwh/ton

10. pipe cutting inaccuracy:< 2mm

11. Only 30 mins required for mould heating, safe and stable connecting

12. Main uniqueness of equipment: no water pump or vacuum pump required for pipe calibration, while all items of performance and appearance for the pipes exceed those produced from previous equipments.

The new launch of Kangda’s no-motor pipe calibration technology will bring a further step for the ideology of energy-conserving and environment-protective into every enterprise.

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