Wuxi Kangda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., as the appointed manufacturing enterprise by Jiangsu (Province) Light Industry Machinery Corporation, is located in the No.1 Industrial Park, Huishan District, Wuxi city, China.

The main products of our company includes: conical twin-screw plastic extruders, parallel twin-screw plastic extruders, single screw plastic extruders, production lines, of plastic pipe, profile, sheet and PVC hard surface foam sheet machine, at the same time we produce PVC hard surface foam sheet.


Plastic production line

With plastic extruding machine for a host of plastic products production line, has a rigid pipe ext…

Extruder high shear extrusion technology

In the process of extrusion, the material from the glass state to the molten state, in addition to …

Plastic products extrusion blow molding

Plastic products extrusion blowing molding production unit, sheet extrusion molding production line…